About Me

16934164_10154154249046010_941782761_nI dare to dream, that one day men and women in our society will be walking in emotional wholeness. That relationships with people we love will no longer be the very source of our psychological and emotional breakdown. That spouses will not be afraid to fight, for conflicts are inevitable, but they will have the necessary skills and values to not only get through it but also grow from the experiences. I dream of a society where young people will believe in the institution of marriage once more  ~Faith Osiro~

When I got married, early 2013, it did not take long for my brand new husband and I, his brand new wife, to realize how ill equipped we were. We started discovering how different we behaved and responded to situations, how we had been socialized differently and that we even held divergent values. As it turned out, our crimson-red, heart-shaped L.O.V.E was not enough to get us through. We really thank God that within about a month into marriage we got an opportunity to participate in a marriage enrichment program. It was a game changer for us, and as a result I decided to share my journey of growth through writing….. the good, the not-so-good and the out rightly painful. This is how Bliss or Blisters was born, first as a blog and later as a relationship coaching company.

Faithfully Wording blog is the work of a marriage enthusiast! A Relationship Coach at Bliss or Blisters and a trained Psychological Counsellor…. with also a background in Finance and in Business Information Systems and in Demography.

This blog is about life; experiences, observations, thoughts, reads, hacks etc with a bias towards relationships and marriage of course!